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Queens Night Market Set To Return To New York Hall Of Science

Queens Night Market Set To Return To New York Hall Of Science

Queens Night Market Set To Return To New York Hall Of Science – The Queens Night Market is set to return for its ninth season every Saturday starting April 13 at the New York Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

Queens Night Market Set To Return To New York Hall Of Science:

As the weather slowly turns warmer (at least for a few days), news about seasonal outdoor markets are making the rounds.

Following the Bronx Night Market’s announcement, the Queens Night Market revealed its scheduled return to the New York Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows Corona Park every Saturday night starting April 13.

This year, the event will open at 4pm, an hour earlier than it has during its first eight seasons, and include even more vendors than usual.

Most exciting is the fact that, despite the current levels of inflation, the $5 to $6 price cap on all food items will remain in place, largely thanks to a major sponsorship from Citizens Bank.

“When the Queens Night Market launched back in 2015, the price cap felt like a key ingredient in democratizing access to the event,” said John Wang, the event’s founder, in an official statement. “But now, the price cap feels a bit like a lifeline for a huge swath of New Yorkers.”

To try and alleviate traffic to the site and solve capacity issues, Queens Night Market will sell a limited number of “sneak preview” tickets for two separate events starting in March. The first preview will take place on April 13 and the second on April 20.

Queens Night Market Location:

Queens Night Market is located behind the New York Hall of Science in Flushing Meadow Corona Park.

SUBWAY: Take the 7 train to the 111th Street station. Walk south 4 blocks until you pass under an overpass. You will see the Night Market behind the New York Hall of Science on the Left.

Queens Night Market Vendors:

Among the list of food vendors confirmed for the 2024 Queens Night Market are:

Los Almendros – Salvadoran Pupusas
Anda Café – Bubble Tea
Arepalicious – Colombian Arepas
Ay Cachapas – Venezuelan Cachapas
Blintz Box – Ukrainian Blintzes
Bom Bae – Indian Vada Pav & Jalebi
La Braza – Roasted Corn & Skewers
Brazilicious – Brazilian Steak Sandwiches & Pão de Queijo
Bstro – Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken
Burmese Bites – Burmese Palatas
C Bao – Asian Duck and Pork Buns
Cambodianow – Cambodian Fish Amok
Caribbean Street Eats – Trinidadian Shark Sandwiches
Coconana Banh Mi – Vietnamese Banh Mi
Daku – Indian BBQ & Roti
Derangoon – Burmese Tea Leaf Salad
DiLena’s Dolcini – Cannoli and Cookies
Don Ceviche – Peruvian Ceviche
Emeye Ethiopian Cuisine – Ethiopian Sega Wat & Chechebsa
Enfes NYC – Turkish Gözleme
Go Green Yaks! – Tibean Shogo Bhakleb & Tsel Bhakleb
Hong Kong Street Food
Joey Bats Café – Portuguese Pastéis de Nata
La’Maoli – Antiguan Ducana & Blood Sausage
Menya Jiro – Japanese Ramen
Mama Food – Squid Skewers
Mister Bocadillos – Brazilian Esfiha & Churrasco
Mood Food & Fun – Venezuelan Tequeños & Patacón
Moon Man – Indonesian Kue Pancong
MuahChee Alley – Fujianese Fritters & Mochi
Nomad Dumplings – Tibetan Momos
El Pernil Ecuatoriano – Ecuadorian Pernil
Persian Bites NYC – Persian Dizi
Sam’s Fried Ice Cream
Tandoor Samsa – Uyghur Samsa
Taypa – Peruvian Anticuchos
Treat Yourself Jerk Chicken
Trini Treats – Trinidadian Curry Crab and Dumplings & Doubles
Twisted Potato – Fried Potato Twists
Twistercake Bakery – Romanian/Hungarian Chimney Cakes
Vincent Farms Natural Foods – Sierra Leonean Jollof Rice & Cassava Leaf Stew
Warung Bites – Indonesian Martabak & Bakwan

Queens Night Market food price:

Limited tickets for “sneak preview” events on Apr. 13 and Apr. 20 will also be sold as another way of limiting traffic and addressing capacity issues. These tickets will become available for purchase in March.

The price caps on all food items will remain at $5/$6 stemming from a sponsorship deal struck with Citizens Financial Group. Vendor fees f0r food and merchandise vendors will also remain at the same rate as in 2023.

Queens Night Market parking:

This year’s night market will be expanding its footprint in order to allow for more vendors to participate. Additionally, the night market will be opening an hour earlier, at 4 p.m. The expansion and earlier start times are meant to help vendors generate more volume while also minimizing long lines.

The operator of the adjacent parking lot, which we do not control, charges $15 for vehicles.